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Wednesday, 10 July 2013 00:00

City Of Kalamazoo Housing Inspection News

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Well the City of Kalamazoo has release there Summer 2013 Newsletter.  Couple interesting things to note.

1. Landlords so be sure to schedual reinspection for renew certificates well in advance to take advantage of the 40 month certificate.  To find out when a certificate expires click this link Property Tax then select city of kalamazoo, then click rental property. 

2.  New fee schedule  see the newsletter for details but something I personally got burned on. . .   what happened to the warning letters.  In the past if a resident didnt mow the grass I recived a warning letter, called them and made them mow.  Just recently the waring letter had a fee associated with it, basically no more warnings!  They send a letter you pay a fine, ouch!

3.  I found it interesting that they note Lead Paint, scary. . . .   more info at

4. Tax Foreclosure Auction comming soon!  Aug 22, 2013 properties can be viewed at


For the full version of the newsletter Download the PDF file below.