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Thursday, 19 January 2012 00:00

Fighting your property taxes and assessed values

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Thinking your paying too much in property taxes? You might be! I look up a lot of property taxes and find that most homes are selling for less than what the local assessors are saying they are worth. Perfect example would be a home I bought for $25,000, the home was NOT a forclosure and was on the market for 501 days before I purchased it. Yet the City of Kalamazoo says the property is worth $80,000! If that's not over assessed I don't know what is. This next seris of videos is going to walk you thru the process of disputing your property taxes. You only get one shot a year and its comming up here soon at the end of Febuary. In this video I sit down with Alan Jeffries from Century 21 Advance Realty and talk the basics of what home owners need to know. Alan is a Level 3 Assesor in the State of Michigan and has been a licensed real estate agent for years!