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Closing Costs

There are certain standard costs associated with closing the sale of a house. These fees are split between the buyer and the seller, as spelled out in the sales contract.  As you go through this you will notice that there are many parties involved in the transaction such as the appraiser, title company, lender, government, real estate agent, insurance company, etc. . . .

I will walk you through the closing costs, answering any questions you may have explaining which costs are yours and which are negotiable.

Buyers will receive a "Good Faith Estimate" of closing costs at the time the full loan application is submitted to me.  I will be glad to review the "Good Faith Estimate," answering questions and highlight all the costs and estimates associated with purchasing a home.

When you purchase a home it's very common to ask the seller to help with closing costs.  Often times buyers are not bring any money to closing for closing costs.